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Hawick Motte, Scottish Borders
Hawick Motte

Hawick Motte

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Standing in Motte Park are the remains of this “motte and bailey” castle which was the stronghold of the Lovell family. All that now remains are the remnants of the main earthen mound on which stood the defended buildings. There are no signs now of the bailey or ditch which was the outside defensive work beyond the “wall” which surrounded the main mound.
In 1912, an exploratory ditch was cut across the filled-in bailey which showed that the original ditch had been between 5and 9 metres wide and between 1 and 2 ˝ metres deep.

Public access in park. Scottish Borders Council.

Situation – OS ref: NT499140

How to get there:
By car: In Motte Park within the town of Hawick.
By public transport: Regular bus services from the other border towns, Edinburgh and Carlisle to Hawick

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All Year

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Hawick Motte, Scotland