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Kelso Bridge, Scottish Borders
Kelso Bridge

Kelso Bridge

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This bridge which crosses the Tweed, was designed by John Rennie of Haddington. His design is unusual in that it has a level road over semi-elliptical arches. Opened in 1803, the bridge has its Toll House on the town side. This demand for tolls led to the reading of the Riot Act in 1854, when the townspeople, tired of paying for the bridge, whose cost they reckoned had long since been covered, rioted. Later, in 1857, the tolls were removed.
Rennie later designed bridges for London, the Kelso Bridge being the design he used for Waterloo Bridge which was completed in 1817. When the Waterloo Bridge was dismantled in 1937, two of the lamp standards from that bridge were gifted to Kelso and still stand at the far end of the bridge from the town.

Situation OS ref: NT 728336

How to get there:
Within Kelso.
Walk along Bridge Street from Kelso Square.

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- Kelso

Kelso Bridge from above Bridgend Park, Scottish Borders
Kelso Bridge from above Bridgend Park

Kelso Bridge, Scotland